About Us

Dedication.  The organization is dedicated  to promoting good politics and great people in South Lane County and beyond, and having fun while doing it.

Purpose.  The purpose of the organization is to undertake political action to promote a progressive agenda of social justice including but not limited to the (a) preservation of individual freedoms and civil liberties, (b) equal rights for all regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, (c) preservation of the environment, and (d) peaceful resolution of conflict.

Promotion.  In promoting this agenda before the public eye, the organization hopes to draw together like-minded individuals and to provide camaraderie between such individuals with a program of action and humor, using consensus as a decision-making process whenever possible.

Action.  The organization will promote the aforementioned agenda by taking specific actions such as (a) supporting or opposing candidates for public office representing the citizens of South Lane County at the local, county, state and federal levels, (b) supporting or opposing legislation pending or in place which affects the citizens of South Lane County and beyond, and (c) holding elected officials accountable for their actions and (d) recognizing commendable behavior by elected officials when appropriate, through a campaign of local awareness.

What We're Working On
Our members seek to monitor and to inform the public about vital local, state, and national issues and legislation in these critical times. We try to build credibility and trust by offering accurate and verifiable information in an age where many people promote and tolerate deception in pursuit of self-serving agendas.

Our efforts to enhance life in Oregon require us to energetically improve our own organization and resources and to host and participate in many public appearances.